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Brand determines strength, reputation determines development

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dvanced, intelligent and powerful

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Clothing smart factory, overall customized solution

CleverMax Smart Storage System

Clothing. Home textile products due to many styles. Colors, fabrics, varieties, and the number of orders and raw materials procurement is difficult to match, the number of pieces and orders have errors. Therefore, every time a product is completed, there are raw materials and product balances. In the long run, the stock of raw materials and finished products are countless, which greatly wastes the warehouse resources of the enterprise.

MES cloud platform

The core function of the system is to establish a collaborative platform for related enterprises, from raw material procurement to production to storage and storage, planning and scheduling, from production schedule control to finished product shipment logistics, from cost profit and loss accounting to enterprise operation capacity decision-making, all-round The whole process provides comprehensive, timely and accurate decision support and control for enterprises.

CleverMax small batch, multi-variety production system

Pursuing individuality, customized production, small batches, and multiple varieties, and achieving rapid market response are the industry changes that must be set in the apparel and home textile industries. The sooner we seize the opportunity, the more we can maximize the benefits of the industry. Clever Max's small-volume, multi-variety production system, with its powerful software features and technological innovations, has helped the apparel and home textile industries realize this dream.

CleverMax clothing home textile intelligent hanging system

IE production line artificial intelligence dynamic balance technology
Real-time monitoring of production status, automatic data collection and analysis processing, predicting bottleneck processes in advance, intelligent scheduling to match personnel and equipment, material transfer without additional downtime, personnel and equipment automatically adjusted to maintain production process operations Dynamic balance to avoid backlogs.

The brand determines the strength and the reputation determines the development;

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With his years of experience in apparel production management

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Clothing smart factory, overall customized solution

More than 67 national invention patents and new utility patents

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It is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of products such as clothing home textiles, luggage, shoes and hats, such as discrete manufacturing intelligent hanging lines, series control software, MES cloud platform.




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