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It is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of products such as clothing home textiles, luggage, shoes and hats, such as discrete manufacturing intelligent hanging lines, series control software, MES cloud platform.

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       As one of the industry standard drafters of China's garment RFID smart hanging system, Nantong Mingxing Technology is specialized in solving the problems in garment production for various garment production enterprises with industry-leading technology. The exclusive third-generation CleverMax with all-intelligence, high reliability, cost-effective and low-cost maintenance features, the Zhongkeyi flow system can optimize the production site personnel, logistics and information flow. Eliminating the management blind zone, ensuring the flexibility of task arrangement, the reliability of product quality, the accuracy of quantity, and the timeliness of shipment, truly solving the waste phenomenon of manpower, materials, equipment, space, etc. at the production site, directly reducing the material Cost, labor cost, and management cost essentially improve the overall production management level, and at the same time make production and management more humanized, and work becomes easier and more convenient, thus maximizing production efficiency. While improving your competitive strength, you will also get a truly lasting excess return.

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