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It is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of products such as clothing home textiles, luggage, shoes and hats, such as discrete manufacturing intelligent hanging lines, series control software, MES cloud platform.

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Product description

Product description

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Based on strong technical support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, we maintain our commitment, if you can dream, we can do it.
CleverMax, the Zhongkei flow system, is easy to use due to intelligence.
All the operations of the system: fully modular, simple, easy to learn and use, convenient, compatible with all office software such as ERP.
CleverMax, Zhongke Yiliu is not only an intelligent control system, but also a real-time management system.
Many famous factories use CleverMax, and the Zhongkeyi flow workshop is first class:
CleverMax, Zhongkeyi flow intelligent material conveying and monitoring system;
Equipment utilization rate is nearly 15% higher than domestic and foreign garment hanging production lines;
The production efficiency is more than 10% higher than the existing clothing hanging production lines at home and abroad.
CleverMax, the fully intelligent dispatch management function of Zhongkeyi Flow System has changed the traditional clothing mode, making your work easier and making your life happier.
When the production line is unbalanced, the system will automatically issue an alarm and give advice based on the skill of the staff and the delivery of the pylon. The system can intelligently schedule according to the operator's instructions, and the operator does not need to move.
        In the running state, the system can still dynamically modify the entire production line, add or delete stations to meet the needs of the production line.
        According to the production status of the whole production line, the system can give suggestions for production optimization; it can alarm and give solutions in advance, and the production management personnel can make the whole production line in the best position by performing real-time operation according to the suggestions given by the system. Production balance, truly achieve "stupid" management.
        The system provides each worker with a production and productivity report for all time periods and analyzes a worker's historical data when producing similar products, such as maximum efficiency, sub-efficiency, and average efficiency procedures for completing a job, for a comprehensive assessment. Staff skills provide a scientific basis.
       Whether it is knitting and weaving, CleverMax and Zhongke Ailiu system can simultaneously realize multi-variety, multi-size and multi-style clothing online production, which provides reliable guarantee for composite clothing orders or large-volume, small-volume orders. In the case of a rush order, the system can quickly switch tasks and start production to ensure that urgent orders are completed in a timely manner.
        CleverMax, Zhongkeyi flow system efficiency, task, salary, productivity analysis statistics, file management, attendance management, form creation and query functions can be exported and printed in Excel format.
       CleverMax, Zhongke Yiliu system effectively realizes the seamless connection between headquarters and branches, floors, workshops and workshop buildings, so that each working group, team or factory is connected to each other, so that all information of the management center is real-time, accurate and clear.
        CleverMax, Zhongkeyi flow system is compatible with remote monitoring. Managers can understand the real-time situation of each factory, every work room and each task through the network anytime, anywhere, and truly achieve accurate and effective management.

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